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16th Meeting held at Cupar Golf Club on 29th November 2007 (Xmas)



G. Bowen, G. Pirie, I. Donaldson, G Sharp, S. Mitchell, G McLeish. B. Low,

 B. Rollo, C. Strong, K. McLaren, I Copland, B Simandi,



L McAndrew, K. Scheuerl



M Hendry


Graham invited our judge Kirsten Scheuerl to talk about her work as a freelance Country life Photographer. Kirsten used some of the magazines that she had been published in, to give a flavour of the type of places and situations she has often to be, in order to get the best shots. Working mostly outdoors also meant she had to learn to cope with shooting in some atrocious conditions.


Heather and Hilda then served us an excellent Xmas meal with Wine and Crackers.


Graham Pirie paraded our entries for the Country Life Competition as Kirsten gave as judge of the competition her thoughts and opinion on each entry.


Joint Winners Grant McLeish & Michael Hendry

Runner up        Cliff Strong


Cliff then thanked Kirsten for giving up her time to come along and judge the competition and to participate in our Xmas meal. He also wished her every success in her chosen career.


15 entries for our Photo Quiz Competition were then studied closely by every one and after some imaginative and generous marking all round Grant declared himself the Winner with 10 correct answers


Leslie McAndrew presented the prizes in his usual sartorial style.


Graham Bowen thanked the staff of Cupar Golf Club for the effort that had been made by them to make it such an enjoyable evening


Meeting closed at 10pm


Please remember to e-mail Michael your Country Life entry NOW


Meeting reminders

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