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Meeting held @ Sandylands @ 7pm on Thursday 18th Sep. 2008



Bruce Rollo, Ian Donaldson, Bela Simandi, Brian Bayne, Michael Hendry



Graham Bowen, Cliff Strong, Bill Low, Ian Copland, Sandy Mitchell, Grant McLeish, Graham Pirie.


Graham opened by welcoming members to the first meeting of our 4th year.


Sandy Mitchell introduced Judge Craig Rodger, a near founder member of Cupar Camera Club and Past President. After judging the Open Competition he used his old film camera alongside his digital to demonstrate some of the differences and advances that have moved photography to where it is today.


Winner             Grant McLeish Robin    Red Breast

2nd                    Bela Simandi                Hands On

3rd                    Ian Copland                   Street Entertainers


Graham thanked Craig for his Talk & for Judging the Competition.


Next Meeting.


7.30pm Wednesday 29th October at Brackland (subject to checking)


Competition “Recognisable images in our Rotary area”



After discussion it was agreed to move the meetings to a Wednesday evening after Rotary, but it was felt important to continue meeting in member’s homes.


A request from Bill McSeveney to have at least two photographers from the Camera Club to attend his wedding on Friday 10th October. It was unanimously agreed that Michael Hendry and Cliff Strong would be best suited for the job.


Graham thanked Bill & Elma for their hospitality.


Meeting closed @ 9pm




 Members to e-mail their photos to Michael as soon as possible.