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Meeting held at Woodlea, Cupar on Wednesday 21st January at 7.30pm



Graham Bowen, Cliff Strong, Bill Low, Ian Copland, Sandy Mitchell, Grant McLeish, Graham Pirie, Michael Hendry, Béla Simandi, Bruce Rollo



Grant introduced Ken Orr, President of Cupar Camera Club who started by judging the entries to the Competition on Sport.


Winner 18points           Grant McLeish Rugby  Line Out

2nd        17points           Graham Bowen            Rowing            

3rd=       15points           Ian Copland                  Skiing

                                        Bela Simandi               We’ve Won


He also complimented the other entries by Sandy, Graham & Bruce.


Ken then produced a selection of his work and discussed the way he allocates his marks for each photo when judging. He also emphasised how important it was when entering a photo into a competition to make sure it had a title, which at least would make sure the judge knew the correct way up! He also looks for Presentation, Focus, Composition and Colour.


Graham thanked Ken for his talk about his own photos and for judging the competition.


Next Meeting.


7.30pm Wednesday 18th February at Rowanbrae, Cuparmuir.


Competition “Time”




Possibility of holding Spring outing at Teases, near Ceres


Graham thanked Grant & Liz for their hospitality.


Meeting closed @ 9pm




 Members to e-mail their photos to Michael as soon as possible and to include a title