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3rd Meeting held at The Millhouse Restaurant in Ceres on 1st December 2005

Present: G Bowen, G Pirie, C Strong, B.Low, B Simandi, B.Rollo, S.Mitchell, I.Donaldson, K.McLaren, G.Reekie, I.Copland.

Guest Speaker: Charlie McCartney

Graham introduced Charlie who talked about his photos that he had on display for us, in the Millhouse.
A lively quick hour passed, before the meeting moved through to the dinning room, where we had an excellent Xmas Meal with all the usual trimmings. Charlie then pronounced his verdicts on our Autumn Leaves Competition, taking time to give his opinion along with mostly constructive criticism about each individual club member's entry.
This proved to be a very informative and enjoyable session as Charlie, using his prepared notes, had 14 entries to judge. He announced joint winners of Graham Bowen & Gavin Reekie. Both had chosen a forest scene with wonderful detail and colours and well printed. Congratulations go to them.
Millhouse Group
Charlie said
1) Take 2 minutes to look at your picture before shooting.
2) Your camera position is all important and use a tripod.
3) When cropping images use two L pieces of card to act as a frame.

Graham Pirie thanked Charlie on behalf of the Club, making the comment that he had already noticed an improvement from our 1st competition entries and felt sure that would continue with all the help and tips that Charlie had given us.
For those who missed it, a good night was had by all.

9 Entries have so far been received for "A Portrait" Competition.

Next meeting is Thursday 12th January and will be held at Brackland, Bank Street, Cupar, the home of Bruce & Leslie Rollo @ 7pm.
The title for the January Competition is "The Festive Spirit "and all photos should be brought along on the 12th.

Finally a reminder to e-mail your Autumn Leaves photo to Gavin and why not then check out your picture on the Web page.

Merry Xmas & A Happy Shooting New Year

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