Emblem Club Presidents since 1932

Year Name Classification
1932-1933 R.G. Brown Tobacconist, Court & Son
1933-1934 R.G. Brown Tobacconist, Court & Son
1934-1935 R.G. Alexander Minister, Parish Church Cupar
1935-1936 R. Dott Thomson Ironmonger
1936-1937 R.S. Henderson Procurator Fiscal, Cupar
1937-1938 J. Murray Chartered Accountant, James Murray & Co
1938-1939 W. Boyd Medical Superintendent, Fife Joint Asylum
1939-1940 A.M. Purves Draper
1940-1941 A.J. Davidson Insurance
1941-1942 M. Tracy Dentist in Practice
1942-1943 J. McPherson Gas Manager, Cupar
1943-1944 L.B. Dymock County Treasurer
1944-1945 W. Wilson Public Assistance Officer
1945-1946 A. Manzie Grocer
1946-1947 C.D. Pagan Solicitor, Pagan Osborne
1947-1948 A. Bonthrone Maltster, Pitlessie & Ladybank
1948-1949 W. Reid Chemist, Caw & Robertson
1949-1950 Q.M. Craig Cinema Exhibitor
1950-1951 J.L.F. McIntyre Agric. Adviser, East of Scotland College
1951-1952 I.W. McInnes Solicitor, Drummond Johnstone & Grosset
1952-1953 D.B. Balfour Seed Merchant, Laird & Smith
1953-1954 T. Breckenridge Manager, Commercial Bank
1954-1955 W. Rodger Dentist, Local Authority
1955-1956 A.M. McPherson Gas Manager, Cupar
1956-1957 J.T.M. Stevenson General Medical Practitioner
1957-1958 W. McCraw Minister, Bow of Fife Church
1958-1959 G.R. Reekie Engineer, Machinery Distribution
1959-1960 J. Nairn Builder, Ladybank
1960-1961 P. McKechnie County Assessor
1961-1962 C.L. Thomson Optician, Lennie & Thomson
1962-1963 G.B. Houston Structural Engineer
1963-1964 M. Pollock County Clerk
1964-1965 T.L. Rollo Solicitor
1965-1966 T.W. McCallum County Roads Engineer
1966-1967 J. Logan Farmer, Dairsie Mains
1967-1968 G.A. Storrar Farmer, Rossie Farm
1968-1969 J.M. Wragge Headmaster, Dalhousie School
1969-1970 G.R. McQuitty Dentist in Practice
1970-1971 D. Dott Thomson Ironmonger
1971-1972 D.W.W. Hendry General Medical Practitioner
1972-1973 D.G. Balfour Seed Merchant, Laird & Smith
1973-1974 J.H. Peattie Mens' Outfitters, J H Galloway
1974-1975 J.W. Cruickshank Grain Merchant, Hamlyns
1975-1976 D.M. French Engineer
1976-1977 H.M. Wilson Vet in Practice
1977-1978 W. Sutherland Secretary, Fife Mental Health Board
1978-1979 R. Stewart Hairdresser
1979-1980 J.S. Benzies Draper, Fairfield Stores
1980-1981 A.T. Carswell Foundryman, Robert Ferlie, Auchtermuchty
1981-1982 C.W. Drummond Manager, Royal Bank
1982-1983 R.J. Smith Motor Engineer, JBW Smith
1983-1984 R. Winter Chartered Accountant, Henderson & Loggie
1984-1985 J.A.C. Weir Sheriff Clerk
1985-1986 A.A. Marr Radiologist, Fife Health Board
1986-1987 D.S. Campbell Editor, Fife Herald News
1987-1988 A.A. Arbuckle Dairy Farmer, Lower Luthrie
1988-1989 L.W. McAndrew Finance - Savings Bank
1989-1990 G.J. Reekie Machinery Distribution
1990-1991 G.E. McLeish Optometrist
1991-1992 H.T. Williams Manager, Uthrogle Mill
1992-1993 R.M. Law Sawmiller
1993-1994 G.W. Bowen Semiconductor Industry
1994-1995 D.M. Fisher Laundryman
1995-1996 D.C. Heggie Motor Repairer, Donald Heggie Ltd
1996-1997 J.L. Hendry Giftware Retailer
1997-1998 A.R. Mitchell Grocer, J W Mitchell, Ceres
1998-1999 D.B.M. Rollo Solicitor
1999-2000 J.H. Fitzgerald Manager, Clydesdale Bank
2000-2001 A.G. Pirie Optician
2001-2002 W.B. Bayne Education
2002-2003 W.J.S. Blyth Frozen Food
2003-2004 I.C. Copland Librarian
2004-2005 W.D. Low Solicitor
2005-2006 D. Cameron Dentist
2006-2007 D. Thomson Education - Teacher
2007-2008 V.L. Fusaro Ice Cream Manufacturer
2008-2009 P.J. McInally Religion - St.Columba's Church
2009-2010 W.J. Nicoll Banker, Bank of Scotland
2010-2011 W.G. Findlay Dental Technician
2011-2012 D. Stewart Law
2012-2013 R.L.M Ritchie Advanced Driving Examiner
2013-2014 W. Nicoll Management Consultant
2014-2015 P. McKinnon Further Education: Agriculture
2015-2016 P.M.W. Mitchell Education, Music
2016-2017 M.D. Hendry Medicine
2017-2018 C Mackenzie Land and Environment Lecturer, Rtd
2018-2019 C Mackenzie Land and Environment Lecturer, Rtd

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