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CLUB COUNCIL 2018-2019
Colin Mackenzie President
Roy Marsden President-Elect
Brian Bayne Vice-President
Roy Marsden Secretary
Graham Pirie Assistant Secretary
Willie Nicoll Treasurer
Michael Hendry Immediate Past President
Maurice Shepherd Council Member (ex officio)
Doreen Gray Council Member
Alastair Andrew Council Member

OFFICERS 2018-2019
Brian Bayne
Vice President, Brian Bayne
Colin Mackenzie
President, Colin Mackenzie
[no picture available]

President Elect, Roy Marsden

MEMBERS 2018-2019 (inc. those leaving after 1st July)
Alastair Andrew Civil Engineering, Bridgemaster Profile 2010  
Euan Barbour Banking Commercial Profile 1999    
Brian Bayne (PHF) Education Profile 1980 2001-2002 Vice-President C C 2, 3
Graham Bowen Semiconductor Industry Profile 1980 1993-1994  
Donald Cameron (PHF) Dentist Profile 1994 2005-2006  
Jim Campbell Minister of Religion Profile 2010    
Ian Copland (PHF) Librarian Profile 1984 2003-2004 2, 6
Graham Findlay (PHF) Dental Technician Profile 1992 2010-2011  
Donald Fisher Laundryman Profile 1977 1994-1995  
Vince Fusaro (PHF) Ice Cream Manufacturer Profile 1988 2007-2008 3, 13
Doreen Gray Health and Beauty Services Profile 2009  
Michael Hendry Medicine Profile 2006 2016-2017 Immediate Past President C 
Bill Low Solicitor Profile 1991 2004-2005  
Colin Mackenzie Land and Environment Lecturer, Rtd Profile 2011 2017-2018, 2018-2019 President C 
Roy Marsden Information Technology, Systems Analyst Profile 2009 2019-2020 President-Elect C Secretary C 1
Pat McInally (PHF) Religion - St.Columba's Church Profile 2002 2008-2009  
Peter McKinnon Further Education: Agriculture Profile 2009 2014-2015 1, 12
Grant McLeish Optometrist Profile 1978 1990-1991  
Bill McSeveney Education Profile 2005   3, 11
Harry Mellotte Manager, Woolworth Profile 1981    
Sandy Mitchell (PHF) Grocer, J W Mitchell, Ceres Profile 1985 1997-1998 2, 9
Pat Mitchell Education, Music Profile 2007 2015-2016 2, 5
John Morrow Equestrian Building Construction Profile 2012   2, 8
Willie Nicoll Management Consultant Profile 2008 2013-2014 Treasurer C C 1, 3
Bill Nicoll Banker, Bank of Scotland Profile 1993 2009-2010 3
David Nimmo Manager, Cults Lime Profile 1982    
Graham Pirie (PHF) Optician Profile 1984 2000-2001 Assistant Secretary C 
Rennie Ritchie Advanced Driving Examiner Profile 2006 2012-2013  
Ian Rutherford Paper Industry, Retired Profile 2014   2, 7
Maurice Shepherd Academic/Publisher Profile 2013   C 1, 4
Béla Simandi Music & Drama Profile 1996    
Ron Smith Motor Engineer, JBW Smith Profile 1970 1982-1983  
Dermot Stewart Law Profile 2005 2011-2012 2, 10
Dereck Thomson Education - Teacher Profile 1998 2006-2007  
(PHF) = Paul Harris Fellow; C = Council Member

Caroline Baird Education Profile 2002    
Scott Blyth (PHF) Frozen Food Profile 2016 2002-2003  
Ronnie Law (PHF) Sawmiller Profile 2011 1992-1993  
Isla Lumsden   Profile 2017    
Leslie McAndrew (PHF) Finance - Savings Bank Profile 2012 1988-1989  
Dave Rollo Farmer, Wester Forret Profile 1992    
Cliff Strong Minister, Creich Church Profile 2013    
Jackie Taylor Travel Profile 2007    

COMMITTEES 2018-2019
The President and Secretary are ex officio members of each committee
No. COMMITTEE MEMBERS (Chairman, if applicable, in Red Bold)
1Management CommitteeWillie Nicoll, Roy Marsden, Maurice Shepherd, Peter McKinnon
2Projects CommitteeBrian Bayne, Pat Mitchell, John Morrow, Ian Copland, Ian Rutherford, Dermot Stewart, Sandy Mitchell
3Membership CommitteeWillie Nicoll, Bill McSeveney, Bill Nicoll, Brian Bayne, Vince Fusaro
4CommunicationsMaurice Shepherd
5FundraisingPat Mitchell
6Vocational and Youth ServiceIan Copland
7InternationalIan Rutherford
8Community ServiceJohn Morrow
9Sports & EntertainmentSandy Mitchell
10FoundationDermot Stewart
11Membership ServicesBill McSeveney
12Entertainment House FellowshipPeter McKinnon
13Club MentorVince Fusaro

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