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CLUB COUNCIL 2021-2022
[vacancy, or missing data] President
[vacancy, or missing data] President-Elect
[vacancy, or missing data] Vice-President
[vacancy, or missing data] Secretary
[vacancy, or missing data] Assistant Secretary
[vacancy, or missing data] Treasurer
[vacancy, or missing data] Immediate Past President

OFFICERS 2021-2022
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Vice President, [vacancy or missing data]
[no picture available]

President, [vacancy, or missing data]
[no picture available]

President Elect, [vacancy, or missing data]

MEMBERS 2021-2022 (inc. those leaving after 1st July)
Alastair Andrew Civil Engineering, Bridgemaster Profile 2010    
Euan Barbour Banking Commercial Profile 1999    
Brian Bayne (PHF) Education Profile 1980 2001-2002  
Graham Bowen Semiconductor Industry Profile 1980 1993-1994  
Donald Cameron (PHF) Dentist Profile 1994 2005-2006  
Jim Campbell Minister of Religion Profile 2010    
Ian Copland (PHF) Librarian Profile 1984 2003-2004  
Graham Findlay (PHF) Dental Technician Profile 1992 2010-2011  
Donald Fisher Laundryman Profile 1977 1994-1995  
Vince Fusaro (PHF) Ice Cream Manufacturer Profile 1988 2007-2008  
Doreen Gray Health and Beauty Services Profile 2009    
Michael Hendry Medicine Profile 2006 2016-2017  
Bill Low Solicitor Profile 1991 2004-2005  
Colin Mackenzie Land and Environment Lecturer, Rtd Profile 2011 2017-2018, 2018-2019  
Roy Marsden Information Technology, Systems Analyst Profile 2009 2019-2020  
Pat McInally (PHF) Religion - St.Columba's Church Profile 2002 2008-2009  
Peter McKinnon Further Education: Agriculture Profile 2009 2014-2015  
Grant McLeish Optometrist Profile 1978 1990-1991  
Bill McSeveney Education Profile 2005    
Harry Mellotte Manager, Woolworth Profile 1981    
Sandy Mitchell (PHF) Grocer, J W Mitchell, Ceres Profile 1985 1997-1998  
Pat Mitchell Education, Music Profile 2007 2015-2016  
John Morrow Equestrian Building Construction Profile 2012    
Willie Nicoll Management Consultant Profile 2008 2013-2014  
Bill Nicoll Banker, Bank of Scotland Profile 1993 2009-2010  
David Nimmo Manager, Cults Lime Profile 1982    
Graham Pirie (PHF) Optician Profile 1984 2000-2001  
Rennie Ritchie Advanced Driving Examiner Profile 2006 2012-2013  
Ian Rutherford Paper Industry, Retired Profile 2014    
Maurice Shepherd Academic/Publisher Profile 2013    
Béla Simandi Music & Drama Profile 1996    
Ron Smith Motor Engineer, JBW Smith Profile 1970 1982-1983  
Dermot Stewart Law Profile 2005 2011-2012  
Dereck Thomson Education - Teacher Profile 1998 2006-2007  
(PHF) = Paul Harris Fellow; C = Council Member

Caroline Baird Education Profile 2002    
Scott Blyth (PHF) Frozen Food Profile 2016 2002-2003  
Ronnie Law (PHF) Sawmiller Profile 2011 1992-1993  
Isla Lumsden   Profile 2017    
Leslie McAndrew (PHF) Finance - Savings Bank Profile 2012 1988-1989  
Dave Rollo Farmer, Wester Forret Profile 1992    
Cliff Strong Minister, Creich Church Profile 2013    
Jackie Taylor Travel Profile 2007    

No committee data for session: 2021-2022

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